Customized Ads: The Creepiest of Creepers

Those shoes that you have been wanting for weeks, you Google them, head to to check the prices, balk at the cost and click the X on the website. Now on every page you visit there is an ad for that shoe. These types of advertisements and customized ads were a big part of our discussion during this weeks’ ICC 602 class time. If you aren’t familiar with these kind of ads then let me introduce you to this thing called the Internet.

Banner ads are everywhere online. They are, as my classmate Valerie stated “stalking us”. That is exactly how I view them. They are creepy! My classmate, Diana, summed up my exact thoughts concerning these stalker ads. Diana stated that “I ignore those kind of ads, their attempts to sell me products, doesn’t work on me”. Bob, another classmate, stated that he doesn’t even notice the banner ads anymore. I agree wholeheartedly with both of them. I am not easily swayed when it comes to those ads and I never click on them.

Other classmates however were not bothered by the presence of the ads. Jessica stated that she “likes the availability of ads when they are relevant to products she’d like to buy”. Valerie stated that although the ads stalk her online, she usually is more likely to buy due to the constant reminder of them on ever website. Marissa stated that she doesn’t mind customized ads but hates how ads are disguised as content or a story. That lead into our discussion about Native ads.

Native ads are basically sponsored ads buried in content and written in the under the guise of being advertisement. Prior to gaining a better understanding what native ads were, I never clicked on them. I just viewed them as another way for my information and online activities to be tracked. When I do a Google search now and I see “Ad” next to links of my popular web searches, I never click them. They’ve always be suspicious to me. I give websites that run content they truly don’t support just for monetary gain a serious side-eye and lose respect in the credibility of those sites.

In conclusion, I am definitely in opposition with the use of customized ads and the effectiveness of them as it pertains to my shopping experiences. It creeps me out to see any product or service that I’ve Googled on every single website I view afterwards. I understand (and can appreciate) companies trying to make a profit but not at the expense of me feeling like I’m constantly being watched.

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