Brian Solis’ and Snapshots

Week 3 of our asynchronous work we learned about Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism which was developed to essentially show how the various social networks are organized. I found the prism to be very useful. Solis developed the prism around helping YOU (ourselves personally and businesses) find out how we envision our social media profile. The prism is broken down into categories e.g. social networks, blog/microblogs, music, livecasting and social commerce to easily see various platforms that may suit your social media needs.

The Conversation Prism specifies five categories and questions that are useful in determining how you personally and professionally (businesses) intend to utilize social media. The categories and questions are:

  • Vision – What do you see to achieve with social media? How does that translate to others?
  • Purpose – Why social media versus other techniques to reach your goals?
  • Value – How will social media benefit you in your personal and profession life?
  • Commitment – Do you have the time to commit to social media to reap its benefits?
  • Transparency – As a business are you ready to put yourself out there to build relationships with the customer base.

Professor Strahler stated that there are some businesses that want to develop a social media presense only because it’s the “thing” to do. I couldn’t agree more because there are businesses that aren’t using social media to the full extent most likely because they don’t see the real value in it. I believe if businesses asked themselves these questions and used Solis’ Conversation Prism they may be more successful when building their brand via social networking platforms.

Speaking of social media platforms. This week our assignment was to develop a Snapshot presentation utilize a Social Networking platform. I’ve never felt so “green” while learning about so many new social networking platforms. One of my classmates, Adam, did his snapshot on Venmo. Until that very moment I’d never heard of such a thing. According to Adam, Venmo is a “mobile payment service that allows peer-to-peer payments”.

Initially I thought “Oh this is just like PayPal” but as Adam continued in his presentation I better understood the difference. First of all unlike PayPal, Venmo allows you to instantly use money sent to you versus waiting a few days for it to clear in your bank. Secondly, there is a social media aspect to Venmo. You are able to post in a “Facebook-like transaction newsfeed”. If you connect your Venmo account with Facebook it allows friends/globally that also have Venmo to see different reasons payment was sent to people.

Since our class meeting I’ve come in contact with at least 3 people in my travel group that swear by Venmo. The Snapshot assignment just further opened my eyes to the plethora of social networking tools that are available to us. It also reiterated the valuable importance of Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism. This weeks class was very interesting and opened my eyes to so many different tools that I will use in the future. Thanks to this weeks’ discussion my phone apps will likely triple.

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