Week 2 – Reflection

This week in Intro to Digital Communications was once again very thought-provoking and dare I say it fun *gasp*. During this week’s asynchronous work we had to complete an obituary for a dead dot-com. This assignment was hilarious to complete and I appreciated the opportunity to hone my comedic genius skills. I’m not sure that I was entirely successful in my efforts but that’s neither here nor there *single tear*.

As our professor’s asked why were believe he had us complete this assignment. There were a plethora of wonderful responses. My thoughts on the reason for the assignment mirrored many of my classmates. Additionally, their responses opened my eyes to other possibilities. I personally believed that many of the dead dot coms paved the way for newer platforms.

My dead dot-com was GeoCities. In all my research I found that the decline in popularity for GeoCities came from the next big thing, MySpace. It is my opinion that MySpace was an advanced version of GeoCities with new and improved features. As one of my classmates stated the dead dot-coms were “not able to keep up with the technology/supply and demand/competition from newer platforms.

Another highlight for me was participating in our first “breakout sessions”. These sessions gave us the chance to participate in smaller work groups.   The three questions we were asked were:

What is the Internet?

It was interesting to see how each group approached this subject. There was a mixture of groups stating the more technical aspects of what the Internet meant to them, while other groups that were geared towards the social aspect. The consensus was that the Internet provides an infinite amount of information.

What are the functions of the Internet as a communication tool?

This question lead to a conversation dubbed the “great debate”. The dialogue pertains to whether or not the Internet is a catalyst for the seeming decrease of face to face interaction. Does the Internet help or hurt social skills? I see both sides of this debate and can appreciate all opinions. Personally, I’ve seen people who are very introverted “offline” yet they are more extroverted “online”. Some people feel unrestricted while online, than when face to face. This is truly a debate where both sides offer very valid points. I look forward to future discussions on this topic.

What are your thoughts on the author’s point from the 1995 article? http://www.newsweek.com/clifford-stoll-why-web-wont-be-nirvana-185306

First of all my group “cheated” (Sorry Dr. Strahler) and read the article first before answering the questions. This article was a hoot to read. Although each group member clicked away from the screen while reading the article, but I could hear the collective “Are you kidding me” from each member. Initially we all thought Clifford Stoll was an idiot (Oh, just me?). The article certainly read like satire (think, The Onion). Soon we realized that he was very forward thinking in his assertions about the future of the Internet. Each group noted that Mr. Stoll had very valid thoughts for the time (1995). Many of the issues he discussed have been greatly improved upon. All I know is Mr. Stoll better not be sitting at home surfing “The Net” right now using dial-up just to drive his point home.

All in all this week’s discussion was great! I really enjoyed our class time. Cheers to all…..

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  1. What were some of the responses of your classmates about the topic?


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