One down…..Week 1 Reflection

Yesterday marked the first official start to my masters program at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.  Although I am a veteran of online education, I was absolutely terrified logging into the Adobe Connect software.  As with any new group, we were tasked to provide an introduction. As my turn neared, I began to stumble over my words and forgot most of what I’d practiced in my head. Yep, not nervous at all! (Insert sarcasm)

In our readings the past week, we discussed Digital Convergence.  Prior to opening my textbook, I’d never heard this term but in actuality the influences have been utilized for many years in my life. We learned that digital convergence is essentially combining previously separate technologies entities into one digital device. Attending class virtually from the comfort of my own home would not have been possible if not for digital convergence.

Another topic of discussion was, is it possible to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology? I don’t believe we will. It seems that as soon as a new device is released to the public, the technology is already antiquated. As an Apple user, I was saddened to realize that as innovative as Apple products are, Android already had many of the “new” technology Apple users were newly privy to. For most people the demand is always for bigger and better, new and more innovative. Companies are always striving to be the first to offer the next hot items. Therefore, I believe it’s impossible for us to keep up with the world of technology.

I anticipate this course being an eye-opening experience and I look forward to the great conversations to come. Our class is full of diversity and I know we’ll often have “ah-ha” moments due to the various perspectives we’ll encounter. Here’s to a successful semester and a step closer to graduation. J

Until next time,



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