Week 2 – Reflection

This week in Intro to Digital Communications was once again very thought-provoking and dare I say it fun *gasp*. During this week’s asynchronous work we had to complete an obituary for a dead dot-com. This assignment was hilarious to complete and I appreciated the opportunity to hone my comedic genius skills. I’m not sure that I was entirely successful in my efforts but that’s neither here nor there *single tear*.

As our professor’s asked why were believe he had us complete this assignment. There were a plethora of wonderful responses. My thoughts on the reason for the assignment mirrored many of my classmates. Additionally, their responses opened my eyes to other possibilities. I personally believed that many of the dead dot coms paved the way for newer platforms.

My dead dot-com was GeoCities. In all my research I found that the decline in popularity for GeoCities came from the next big thing, MySpace. It is my opinion that MySpace was an advanced version of GeoCities with new and improved features. As one of my classmates stated the dead dot-coms were “not able to keep up with the technology/supply and demand/competition from newer platforms.

Another highlight for me was participating in our first “breakout sessions”. These sessions gave us the chance to participate in smaller work groups.   The three questions we were asked were:

What is the Internet?

It was interesting to see how each group approached this subject. There was a mixture of groups stating the more technical aspects of what the Internet meant to them, while other groups that were geared towards the social aspect. The consensus was that the Internet provides an infinite amount of information.

What are the functions of the Internet as a communication tool?

This question lead to a conversation dubbed the “great debate”. The dialogue pertains to whether or not the Internet is a catalyst for the seeming decrease of face to face interaction. Does the Internet help or hurt social skills? I see both sides of this debate and can appreciate all opinions. Personally, I’ve seen people who are very introverted “offline” yet they are more extroverted “online”. Some people feel unrestricted while online, than when face to face. This is truly a debate where both sides offer very valid points. I look forward to future discussions on this topic.

What are your thoughts on the author’s point from the 1995 article? http://www.newsweek.com/clifford-stoll-why-web-wont-be-nirvana-185306

First of all my group “cheated” (Sorry Dr. Strahler) and read the article first before answering the questions. This article was a hoot to read. Although each group member clicked away from the screen while reading the article, but I could hear the collective “Are you kidding me” from each member. Initially we all thought Clifford Stoll was an idiot (Oh, just me?). The article certainly read like satire (think, The Onion). Soon we realized that he was very forward thinking in his assertions about the future of the Internet. Each group noted that Mr. Stoll had very valid thoughts for the time (1995). Many of the issues he discussed have been greatly improved upon. All I know is Mr. Stoll better not be sitting at home surfing “The Net” right now using dial-up just to drive his point home.

All in all this week’s discussion was great! I really enjoyed our class time. Cheers to all…..

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One down…..Week 1 Reflection

Yesterday marked the first official start to my masters program at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.  Although I am a veteran of online education, I was absolutely terrified logging into the Adobe Connect software.  As with any new group, we were tasked to provide an introduction. As my turn neared, I began to stumble over my words and forgot most of what I’d practiced in my head. Yep, not nervous at all! (Insert sarcasm)

In our readings the past week, we discussed Digital Convergence.  Prior to opening my textbook, I’d never heard this term but in actuality the influences have been utilized for many years in my life. We learned that digital convergence is essentially combining previously separate technologies entities into one digital device. Attending class virtually from the comfort of my own home would not have been possible if not for digital convergence.

Another topic of discussion was, is it possible to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology? I don’t believe we will. It seems that as soon as a new device is released to the public, the technology is already antiquated. As an Apple user, I was saddened to realize that as innovative as Apple products are, Android already had many of the “new” technology Apple users were newly privy to. For most people the demand is always for bigger and better, new and more innovative. Companies are always striving to be the first to offer the next hot items. Therefore, I believe it’s impossible for us to keep up with the world of technology.

I anticipate this course being an eye-opening experience and I look forward to the great conversations to come. Our class is full of diversity and I know we’ll often have “ah-ha” moments due to the various perspectives we’ll encounter. Here’s to a successful semester and a step closer to graduation. J

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Marrakesh Express……(Random)

*I’d never heard this song but how fitting it is*

Many moons ago most of my friends were jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  I vaguely remember attempting to start a blog but I could never quite pinpoint exactly what I wanted to talk about.  Over the last couple of years I’ve found something that I love so much.  Something that causes my mind to wander, something that brings a huge smile to my face.  That “something” is traveling. *swoon*

I was raised as a “military brat” (Hooah) so traveling is a part of me.  Until I graduated high school in…(well never mind that), I’d never lived in any location longer than 3 years.  As I entered adulthood I wanted nothing more to be settle, to finally live in an area and call it home.  Home  ended up being Virginia.  I quickly made friends, found a job, started school and was content in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  As far as I was concerned I would never move again.

In 2008, my husband was randomly offered a job in Northern Virginia.  What?  We’d just purchased our first home a year and a half earlier, there is no way we’re moving.  Plus, you don’t just take me out of my comfort zone.  *frown*  Needless to say the offer was too great to pass up.  We sold our home in 1 week of putting it on the market and moved to Northern Virginia.  I firmly told my husband that “we give it ONE year and if I hate it we’re leaving”.  He agreed.  Seven years later, we own another home and I couldn’t image living anywhere else but here (and New York City).

That was until June 2014 when my husband and I visited the beautiful island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (TCI) in the British West Indies.  I fell in love!!!! The island covers an area of 38 miles of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.  I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and I loved it but nothing compares to TCI.  From that initial trip, I knew that I would travel to that island again and again.  Now my aspiration is to one day live there, if not permanently, at least 6 months out of the year.  The picture below is of Grace Bay Beach at the Ocean Club West resort.  In June 2015, I was able to bring my mother along and (temporarily) share this beautiful island with her.

After that trip, the travel bug hit me hard!  I joined a travel group and salivated over the amazing trips people were taking.  I learned amazing websites to aid me in locating amazing flight deals.  One of my amazing friends is a travel diva extraordinaire with seemingly unlimited vacation leave.  She is my main travel “pusher” (PushaKee as we call her) and she post flight deals daily on her Facebook page.  She is the Queen of “carpe diem”, responsibly of course.  A coined phrase of hers is #bookdatish.  So in March of 2015, she posted a round-trip flight deal from Washington, DC to Marrekesh, Morocco for $681 dollars (with added cancellation protection).  Without pause, I pulled out my credit card and purchased one round-trip flight to Morocco.  *eek*

Petrified that I would be taking my first solo, adult, international flight alone, I quickly sent my sister a message and told her about the amazing deal.  After squealing about my impulsive purchase, she asked “what are the dates of the trip”? To which I responded with a pause “February 6-12, 2016”.  She said “I’m in ” and gave me her credit card information to #bookdatish.  So next year we will be experiencing for the first time, Marrakesh, Morocco. *faints*  Since we’ll be there for a week, we’ve decided to catch a $90 flight to Rome, Italy also.  We are so beyond excited and cannot wait to experience this amazing trip together.

That was the start of my impulsiveness as it pertains to travel.  The story doesn’t stop there.  Last week, Pusha Kee posted a deal for $99 one way on WOW airlines from Baltimore Washington International (BWI) to Paris.  I TOTALLY booked it for October 2015, for a grand total of $428.35 ($99 and return $275+insurance+choosing seat fees).  I was sooo excited until I told my husband and he reminded me that we are going to Paris for our 10 year anniversary. Since he can’t make the October trip, I decided to cancel. 😦  I’m sad about it but hey this gives me ammunition to remind my husband “Do you understand that I cancelled PARIS for your”!!!! *smile*

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First class post *bites nails*

I am officially a graduate student inThe S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.  I am nervous about this new endeavor but absolutely determined to do my best (and then some).  I have so many goals and dreams that will only allow me to be GREAT!  I have a tendency to get very long winded but don’t let that stop you from checking out my blog periodically.  Thanks for joining me and until next time.